Jun 23
点击在新窗口中浏览此图片2007年第五期LFI上称,Leica 55mm、60mm以及67mm滤镜推迟出货的主要原因是Leica修改了滤镜的成分配方,以使其更适合广角镜头使用。不过,新配方对于小口径镜头(46mm、39mm)滤镜的影响目前尚不清楚。

目前Leica 55mm、60mm以及67mm滤镜处于断货状态,如果大家不是急用,建议再等待一段时间,新滤镜在光学规格上必然更出色。

The reason for the delay in shipping the 55, 60 and 67mm filters is that Leica revised the formulation of them even after the earliest ones had shipped for use on wide angle lenses. How that affects the smaller ones (for example, 46mm on a 38/2, 39mm on a 35/2 or CV 15mm) is not clear. They also say that the original supplier could not supply the quantity required and a new one had to be found.



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