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『国家地理』一周图片精选:March 03 -07,2008『国家地理』一周图片精选:March 03 -07,2008『国家地理』一周图片精选:March 03 -07,2008

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March 03, 2008
Gentoo Penguins, Antarctica
摄影师:Paul Nicklen
一对巴布亚企鹅正等待浅水,通常他们会腹部先入水  大图
Poised to plunge belly-first into the ocean, a colony of gentoo penguins lines up for a dip.

『国家地理』一周图片精选:March 03 -07,2008

March 04, 2008
Lanai Island, Hawaii
摄影师:Jim Richardson
阳光透过乌云照耀在夏威夷Lanai岛的菠萝种植田上  大图
Overcoming a swell of threatening clouds, the heavens part over Hawaii's Lanai Island, bestowing a celestial glow on a patchwork of former pineapple fields.

『国家地理』一周图片精选:March 03 -07,2008

March 07, 2008
Coffee Break, Arizona, United States
摄影师:Vincent J. Musi
对大多数人来说,快餐店以及其各种肤色的店员代表着一个从容优雅时代的逝去 大图
For many people, diners—and their colorful employees—represent relics of a slower, gentler era.

『国家地理』一周图片精选:March 03 -07,2008

March 08, 2008
Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies
摄影师:David Alan Harvey
阳光照耀下的特立尼达和多巴哥海岸森林  大图
Sunlight filters over the forested seaside cliffs of Trinidad and Tobago.

『国家地理』一周图片精选:March 03 -07,2008

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