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Feininger was renowned for his sharp and incisive shots of New York; his career, however, began in the east German city of Halle. After training in artistic carpentry and studying architecture at Weimarer Bauhaus, he received his first official photography assignment in Halle in 1931. The task was to photograph works by his father, Lyonel Feininger, who had painted the famous "Halle series" in the aforementioned Moritzburg. Around the same time (1931/32), Feininger got his first LEICA camera. It soon became his tool of choice, followed in second place by his Rolleiflex. After spending time in Paris and Stockholm, Feininger settled down in New York in 1939. He began by free-lancing, then joined the staff of "Life" magazine in 1943 where he worked for close to 20 years. During that period he produced around 400 reportages.

点击在新窗口中浏览此图片“他总能拿出完美的摄影作品,”摄影展负责人Thomas Buchsteiner博士说道,“在黑白胶片有限的表达模式中,费宁格总能巧妙地组合光影、透视、灰度、清晰、模糊等元素,长造出具有艺术性的摄影作品。”




“这才是摄影,”此次世纪摄影展目录由Hatje Cantz Verlag出版发行,包含210张摄影作品,德文、英文讲解。在完成Halle展览后,费宁格摄影展还将在欧洲地区循环进行。

"He always delivered perfect photographs," says exhibition curator Dr. Thomas Buchsteiner. "Within the limited parametres of black&white photography - contrast, perspective, sharpness, blur and grey values - Feininger produced artistically condensed photographs." Buchsteiner - who actually met the artist - explains that Feininger himself had no interest in being famous. He believed his job was to produce textbooks and picture books. As a result, the number of significant exhibitions put on during his lifetime - such as the legendary "The Family Man" at the MoMA in 1955 - can be counted on two hands. Feininger died in New York on February 18, 1999, aged 93.

"That's Photography", the catalogue accompanying the centenary exhibition, is published by Hatje Cantz Verlag. It contains 210 photographs, along with German and English texts. After closing in Halle, the exhibition will tour through Europe. INAS FAYED



Andreas Feininger (1906 - 1999)的传记

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