Aug 6

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澳大利亚——距悉尼市中心不到5公里的邦代海滩,五英尺巨浪,海面无风,堪称冲浪者们的天堂。这项运动1915年由传奇般的冲浪之父Duke Kahanamoku带入澳大利亚。

Australia—Hard at play less than five miles from central Sydney, surfers off Bondi Beach relish a perfect day: five-foot waves and no wind. The sport was introduced to Australia in 1915 by Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku.

Photograph by Steve Christo, Fairfax Photos



China—A few dynamite seconds reduced Shenyang’s 60,000-seat Wulihe Stadium to rubble and dust. Chinese soccer fans mourned: Their men’s team qualified for a World Cup final for the first time here in 2001.

Photograph by Xie Huanchi, Xinhua/WPN


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