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Monday, September 18, 2012
美国新公民入籍仪式上,出生于黎巴嫩的新移民 Mirna Mumm 手握美国国旗进行宣誓,华盛顿美国国家档案馆。摄影师:Chip Somodevilla
Mirna Mumm, a Lebanese native, used the pole from a miniature U.S. flag to hold her hair in place after becoming one of 215 new citizens during a ceremony at the National Archives in Washington on Monday.

『Time』一周摄影图片精选:September 17 - 23,2012

Monday, September 18, 2012
南苏丹Mandari部落的男孩们在尼罗河畔等待渔船归来。用长矛和渔网捕鱼以及畜牧业是Mandari部落的传统。摄影师:Camille Lepage
Mandari tribal boys waited by the Nile River for boats with the day’s catch to arrive in Terekeka, South Sudan, Monday.

『Time』一周摄影图片精选:September 17 - 23,2012

Monday, September 18, 2012
日本“敬老日”,一名女孩举着木制的哑铃,和老人们一起锻炼身体,东京。根据日本政府16日发布的评估报告,日本65岁及以上的老年人首次突破3000万。摄影师:Franck Robichon
Tokyo, Japan: Elderly people and a young girl practice physical activity using wooden dumbbells on Respect for the Aged Day.

『Time』一周摄影图片精选:September 17 - 23,2012

Friday, September 21, 2012
乌克兰首都基辅郊外的比基夫尼亚(Bykivnia)村附近,波兰士兵站在一堵纪念墙前,墙上刻有在苏联时期镇压事件中遇难的波兰人的名字。摄影师:Valentyn Ogirenko
Polish soldiers stood in front of a wall with names of Polish victims of Soviet-era repressions, at the memorial near the village of Bykivnia, outside Kiev, Friday.

『Time』一周摄影图片精选:September 17 - 23,2012

Tuesday, September 19, 2012
马里捷内(Djenne)地区,落日时分,人们身后是当地传统的泥塑城墙。摄影师:Joe Penney
Traditional mud-brick walls are seen during sunset in Djenne.

『Time』一周摄影图片精选:September 17 - 23,2012

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