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2003年-开始为期一年的南亚旅行,与喜马拉雅山区游牧民族(Changpa Nomads)生活了四个月并进行专题拍摄

2003年-加入法新社大师班( Joop Swart Masterclass),Amsterdam


2005年-获得日本Reader's Award,作品《喜马拉雅山的游牧民族》

2005年-获得ICP(国际摄影中心International Center of Photography)青年摄影师Award

2006年-获得自然灾害摄影奖(Natural DisasterPicture Story POY)第二名,作品《地震后的克什米尔》

点击在新窗口中浏览此图片2006年-获得World Press Photo新闻故事二等奖,作品《地震后的克什米尔》;人像摄影三等奖,《克什米尔地震幸存者》

2006年-Leica Oskar Barnack奖,作品:图片故事《Kabul, Leaving the Shadows》


Chilean photographer Tomas Munita has won the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2006 with his photo report ‘Kabul - Leaving the Shadows'. The title ‘Leaving the Shadows‘ is fitting for two reasons: it alludes to both the form - the concentration on twilight moods and the content - a description of the living situation of the Afghan population.

点击在新窗口中浏览此图片The photographs of the reporter, who was born in Santiago de Chile in 1975, show peaceful and joyful moments of a gradually emerging normality rather than the violence and poverty one might expect. In comparison, the ruins, war damage or remains of ammunition in some of the pictures seem to be of minor importance, although they form a strong contrast that is not only visual. In failing daylight or the semi-darkness of the interiors, light and shade fight for predominance and give the colors in the photos a special intensity. Both contrasts of the interplay of light and shade - metaphorical and actual - make the photos a particularly accurate description of the relationship of man and his environment, which is the subject of the competition held by the Leica Camera Group as part of its culture program. The report is a result of Munita's long-term work as a press photographer for The Associated Press news agency in Afghanistan.

点击在新窗口中浏览此图片An honorable mention in the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2006 went to the American James Whitlow Delano. In his personal long-term project "Japan Mangaland", the photographer takes a critical look at the country he lives in.

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