Jun 24
点击在新窗口中浏览此图片智利摄影师Tomas Munita在2006年凭作品组《Kabul——Leaving The Shadows》获得Leica Oskar Barnack奖,这组集中于黄昏下拍摄的作品逼真地展示了阿富汗人们的生活状态。

Tomas Munita 1975年出生于Santiago,作为一名摄影师,他极擅于捕捉普通生活中的平静与欣然,在断壁残垣的城市里,人们真切的感情纽带与战火、废墟形成鲜明对比。

Tomas Monita往往在傍晚进行拍摄,在晚霞以及灯火的映衬下,画面的色彩漾出一种难以状述的空间感,将人物与环境紧紧连接在一起。


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Tomas Munita show peaceful and joyful moments of a gradually emerging normality rather than the violence and poverty one might expect. In comparison, the ruins, war damage or remains of ammunition in some of the pictures seem to be of minor importance, although they form a strong contrast that is not only visual. In failing daylight or the semi-darkness of the interiors, light and shade fight for predominance and give the colors in the photos a special intensity.


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